Why does my char not have any rankings?

Rankings are generated once you reach Level 50 and Realmrank 8

Why is my character not listed?

Right now we only import character with Level 50 in the automatic imports. If you search for a character it is imported even if he is below level 50

But my Char is Level 50!

Just search for the name, afterwards we will try to import it from the broadsword Api, it can take some time (15s-5m) until it appears

My LWRPs are wrong!

That can happen, if you have received RPs after 10pm (CET) it can happen that they are rewarded to the following day. The site will generate LWRPs for the past 21 days, everything else will be deleted.

I think this shit is shit, feature XYZ and ASD is missing!

Thanks for your feedback, just PM me on Discord (Sumy in Ywain Discord) or send me a private message on Postcount